I launched PUREWILD to inspire people to experience our last wilderness regions in a special way: getting active and challenging yourself on private adventures in small groups of likeminded people. Immersing in pristine nature and local culture, and enjoying the authentic comfort of spectacular lodges.

Your reward: a unique sense of connection to lands and waters, your travel companions, and ultimately yourself. The true luxury of a PUREWILD Adventure...


Stefan left his Bavarian home at age eighteen to live in Canada, where he went to college, played ice hockey and undertook numerous canoe trips into the wilderness.

After studying Business in Munich and Fontainebleau he pursued a career in media. Whenever time allowed he would embark on journeys to some of the remotest places on Earth.

In search for limits, Stefan crossed finish lines at Ironman Hawaii and the Norseman Extreme Triathlon, competed in the Cape Epic MTB Race and summited the world’s highest free-standing mountains. Only to find that his real passion is being active in nature and the thrill of discovering the world in a whole new way: combining authentic, high-end wilderness travel and challenging multi-active adventures.

Sharing this passion and inspiring others to live such extraordinary experiences has since become a purpose. With the inception of PUREWILD Adventures, it has now received a destination.

Ian Adamson

Ian is the most successful adventure racer of all time with 10 world championship wins, 22 world championship podium finishes, 18 international adventure race championship titles and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the ESPN X-Games.

He is a 3 time Guinness world record holder for endurance kayaking (262 miles in 24 hours) and has competed internationally in adventure racing, triathlon, canoeing, kayaking, orienteering and sailing.

Ian has raced professionally in more than 50 countries. He holds a masters degree in Sports Medicine and is an expert event and race producer, motivational speaker and corporate and executive leadership coach.

At pure wild Ian helps develop challenging, fun itineraries for adventurers of all walks of life and, if time allows, enjoys participating in the pure wild adventures he helped create.


PUREWILD redefines small group travel with challenging adventures for active, authentic and exclusive immersion in pristine wilderness. Leaving the comforts of our daily urban lives to experience something unknown and greater than us.

While being out in the wild dealing with the circumstances nature provides, we never compromise on the quality of gear, our expert guides, transportation and the authentic luxury of the world’s most unique lodges or wilderness camps.

To us travel means building connection - to the wilderness we journey, its local people, travel companions, and ourselves. We do just that: create unique experiences that become part of us and transform the way we connect with the world around us.

PUREWILD is equally about giving back - helping preserve the wildlife and natural beauty of the ecosystems we travel. For this we partner with local conservation organizations and directly contribute to their inspiring projects.

Why travel with us

At the core of PUREWILD are private itineraries, exclusively crafted together with local expert friends. Each activity - from snowmobiling across glaciers in Iceland, caving in Oman or kayaking with Belugas in the Arctic - is carefully chosen and follows an overall rhythm that sets or adventures apart.

Traveling in small groups of likeminded people opens up the world for experiences solo travelers or larger groups forego. Shared passion and intense moments lived together make each adventure even more memorable and rewarding.

Carefully chosen accommodation is essentially important after a long day out in the wild: retiring in your private cabin at an authentic upscale lodge or a wilderness camp set up exclusively for our group is a true luxury.

We design seamless itineraries to minimize transition times between activities or venues and never compromise on the means of transport. Direct transfers by charter boat, float plane or helicopter become part of the unique experience.

At PUREWILD you will always be in company of local friends - athletes, musicians, guides, photographers, chefs, or pilots - who love their home and passionately share its secret treasures. You get to see the world through their eyes and immediately feel that special sense of belonging.


Alejo Contreras

Alejo had an early passion for white mountains and cold remote places. As a young child from Santiago, Chile he read Robert Falcon Scott's diary, which sparked his dream of skiing to the South Pole. In 1988/89 he became the first Chilean to reach the Earth's southernmost point.

By now Alejo has spent half his life on the White Continent, has become a renowned mountaineer, explorer and key person in Antarctic research and exploration. He has been to the South Pole 14 times and climbed Antarctica's highest summit Mount Vinson (4897m) 16 times.

''When you meet someone in Antarctica, they become part of your family. Everybody helps each other no matter what'', he explains.

PUREWILD is proud to be part of this family and have Alejo help organize and guide our Antarctic Adventures.

Sean Dundas

Sean is a fourth generation Kenyan and third generation safari guide. Growing up on safari, he has an instinctive understanding and appreciation of his surroundings - not only of the geology and African wildlife, but also its diverse and intricate cultural heritage.

Sean has led a wide range of luxury and adventure safaris throughout Africa including trips up Mount Kenya as well as helicopter expeditions to active volcano’s, the deserts of northern Kenya and the famous fossil sites around Lake Turkana.

Sean’s passions include nature photography, mountain climbing, archaeology and fishing - a fabulous mix for PUREWILD Adventures to one of the most fascinating regions on Earth.


Ian is co-founder of Pacific Wild, a non-profit committed to defending wildlife and their habitat on Canada’s Pacific Coast. He is an author of six books and award-winning photographer, whose images have appeared in publications around the world.

Ian was named by Time magazine amongst "Leaders of the 21st Century" for his efforts to protect British Columbia's endangered rainforest. He lives with his family on an island in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.

‘We are stewards of a globally important ecosystem and quite fortunate that it has so much hope. While so many habitats have been destroyed elsewhere, our work is able to focus on protecting the Great Bear Rainforest’.

Among Ian’s favorite animals of the GBR are coastal wolves, which have also inspired PUREWILD’s logo. We are proud to support Ian and his great work to preserve this pristine and fragile wilderness region with our adventures.

Sean Privett

Sean is a botanist and passionate conservationist who loves the outdoors. He has been involved in multi-sport in South Africa for many years focusing on marathon canoeing, trail running and mountain biking.

After winning the Peninsula Iron Man competition in 2010 and 2011, Sean in 2012 became the ninth ever finisher of the Freedom Challenge Extreme Triathlon  made up of a 90 km trail run, 2300 km MTB Race Across SA and 240 km canoe marathon. He completed his second RASA in 2017.

His love for experiencing the vast and stunning South African landscapes through multi-sport, paired with his passion for preserving the country’s natural beauty make Sean a perfect architect and ambassador for PUREWILD Adventures.

Taimur Al Said

Our royal friend Taimur has worked in tourism in India and Morocco before bringing his love for the great outdoors home to Oman. As Managing Director of Hud Hud travels, a luxury mobile camping company, he stages unique expeditions and off-the-beaten-track adventures across the country’s mountains, extensive coast, islands and sea as well as the deserts - some of the harshest environments on Earth.

Taimur is also an active conservationist, trying to reduce his company’s impact on the environment. He develops partnerships (and friendships) with the local Bedouin to ensure that there is mutual benefit in the tourism activities and supports local initiatives to promote awareness, conservation and sustainability.

Being a keen thrill seeker there is never a shortage of adventure when journeying with Taimur through the spectacular landscapes of Oman.



PUREWILD inspires people to connect with our last wilderness regions in a special way: getting active on challenging adventures, immersing in pristine nature and enjoying the authentic comfort of spectacular lodges.

PUREWILD - adventures that will leave you changed.




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