Sustainable Travel
2019-03-31 12:49
by Stefan Moosleitner
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Travel and Conservation

Tourism's vital role in protecting endangered ecosystems

Change the world and start with yourself - a wise suggestion we all should act upon. Fly less and reduce your CO2 footprint seems the logical conclusion.

On second thought though, tourism plays a substantial role in creating awareness for and preserving numerous habitats and species threatened by the encroachment of the modern world - many of those not primarily by global warming and rising CO2 emissions.

Most of those ecosystems are not only vital for our planet but also stunningly beautiful. Today, the tourism industry is ever more in the business of protecting the flora and fauna of the lands and waters it operates in.

Without the revenue and awareness generated by foreign visitors, many of these magic places would not be there anymore. A growing number of operators has put conservation on their agenda - some of them are leading the way.

As a consequence, today, a wildlife safari in Kenya, or a visit to the rainforests of Pacific Western Canada can help preserve the precious habitats you journey and stabilize the populations of rare species.

Next to the pleasures of excitemenet and adventure, and the immeasurable value of sharing such life experiences with friends and family across generations, we all can make a difference and contribute to protecting or restoring the biodiversity of our planet with our travel choices.


To support the idea, PUREWILD works with leading suppliers around the world to maximize each journey's environmental impact. It may seem an uphill battle as our world is changing fast. We do see a growing number of successful projects though and the efforts are gaining momentum globally.

To stay on top of things, we keep building our network of actors on conservation that impact the regions we travel in the most positive way.

Meet some of our heroes like Ian McAllister, Sean Privett and other friends in our About section. Let them inspire you and contact us to learn how you can make a diference with a PUREWILD Adventure - individually crafted with your specific preferences for level of activity, comfort, and conservation always in mind.


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