Leaving the Crowds Behind
2019-02-10 19:50
by Stefan Moosleitner
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Leaving the Crowds Behind

The privilege of travel during shoulder seasons

Periods labeled as 'high season' or 'best for travel' are not necessarily the most rewarding times to experience the magnificent nature and culture of remote places.

Very often it is the months slightly outside those popular seasons, where lodges operate at capacity and the visitor density is at its peak, that offer the greatest and most memorable moments. They usually allow for more flexibility in planning the journey and tend to be more budget friendly as well.

Be inspired by our ideas for PUREWILD travel adventures outside 'Peak Season'.


April  New Zealand

This is the ideal time to experience the majesty and awe-inspiring beauty of New Zealand's North and South Islands.

With the arrival of fall, the adrenaline filled streets of adventure centers like Queenstown return to a quieter, more natural rhythm, allowing for more time and space to discover at your own pace.

Weather you prefer to explore the active way by MTB, boat or on foot, or take to the skies per helicopter, the golden autumn light will make each excursion even more rewarding.


May  Kenya / Tanzania

May is one of our favorite months for a Safari to Kenya or Tanzania. After the 'long rains' of April and into early May, life is abundant and the predominant colour of the Savannah is green. A period when most species have their young ones. Lots of time for play, but also to be vigilant as predators are never far.

Enjoy a walking safari guided by a Maasai warrior and experience the 'real Africa' with all senses. What you will defintiely not encounter is many other people. You will have this stunning part of the world literally to yourself.


September  Canada

July and August are busy months for one of the best preserved natural wonders of this planet - the Great Bear Rainforest. The few accommodation options are hard to come by unless you book a year ahead of time to secure your front row seat to this eco system teeming with wildlife.
The far better option is September (you still have to plan with enough lead time), as it is the period for one of the great natural spectacles of our planet - the salmon run, that feeds everything from Bears, Wolves, Eagles to the soil that thrives off the proteins of spent salmon.
We are proud to support Ian McAllister and his organization Pacific Wild that have produced a spectacular IMAX movie showcasing the Great Bear Rainforest. The project took over three years to finish and will hit theatres this month. Take an exclusive look behind the scenes and come experience for yourself!
October  Patagonia

Nowhere else will you feel so remote and the forces of nature so direct. Patagonia is an untamed part of the world. Endless Pampa, towering mountains, majestic glaciers - and winds that sweep you off your feet. It literally feels like the end of the world and in a way it is.

A most captivating sensation and magic experience not to miss. October is spring time and a great period to explore its natural beauty before the main season starts.


August  Costa Rica

If you are limited to holiday periods for your vacation then here is a great place to visit in August:

Costs Rica, a country known for its unspeakable tropical opulence, is a real adventure destination: from remote raft in (and out) lodges in the interior to intimate hidden gems in the far South, where old growth forests display their fascinating and unmatched biological diversity.

There are fabulous beaches, often visited by turtles at night and the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean are full of marine life. To top things off: August is the time where Humpback Whales enter the calm waters to give birth.

Their may be the odd rain shower in August, but you will be rewarded by a tropical experience like no other - months before the crowds arrive.




There are many places whose unique magic unfolds slightly outside the regular Season and this was just a glimpse. Get in touch and let us create a custom itinerary tailored specifically to your dreams - and perhaps a bit beyond ;)

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