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by Stefan Moosleitner
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Adventure, Nature, Culture - PUREWILD’s top picks for 2020

It is a special time - for all of us sharing this stunningly beautiful, fragile planet. January 2020 not only marks the beginning of another new year. The decade about to start will be one of changes unseen before as the impact of the modern world on climate and ecosystems becomes more and more evident.

Adventure travel already plays a significant role in preserving precious and vital habitats. It becomes even more profound as the segment continues to grow and change rapidly helping to protect and restore ecosystems worldwide.

Business models that equally benefit the destination, its suppliers, local communities, and the ever growing number of travelers yearning for adventure are the future of travel.

Let us continue to seek adventure - and do it in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Here are our suggestions for 2020 - and beyond…


January  India and Andaman Islands

Colorful, wild, exasperating and spiritual - India is a world of its own with more facets one can imagine. Its beauty unfolds once you venture beyond the beaten paths. A vast country to come visit - again and again.

We love to combine India with a detour to the Andaman Sea, where stunning new lodges hidden on remote and wild islands allow you to reconnect with nature in a special way and discover lands and waters still pure and unspoiled…


February  Lapland

The winter days are silent, crisp and cold, the powdery snow pure and white, and the night skies crystal clear, full of stars and the occasional display of dancing Northern Lights.

The more extreme the outdoors, the closer the people come together here, sharing a sauna or gathering by the fire of a cosy cabin after a day out in the cold.

Lapland, this nordic region of extremes, is an experience not to miss - with February, when the days are beginning to get longer, allowing for more time to explore this winter wonderland.


March  Patagonia

Oh how we love those shoulder seasons - for the adventure playgrounds less crowded, and the beautiful landscapes slightly less windy than during the Patagonian summer.

Baqueano gauchos will gently guide you across this so remote and unique region of our planet. Come and experience it with all senses. Exploring the rugged Pampa, majestic mountain ranges, and vast glacial fields will make you feel like on an excursion to the end of the world.

It becomes clear, there is no place like it. It is beyond any doubt Patagonia will leave you changed - and longing for more…

April  Norway

At PUREWILD we find the more remote and challenging regions of our planet the most rewarding to explore. The Norwegian fjord lands of Ålesund are a slightly gentler version of Scandinavian Lapland, nonetheless full of awe-inspiring beauty.

At Seal level, where sweet spring is already reigning. Long, sunny days invite us to step outside and discover its wonders on foot, bicycle or kayak. And the mountains tumbling into the Atlantic waters are still covered with snow, inviting us to conquer their peaks and ski down hill. Taking in the magic views all around - we experience what feels like Heaven on Earth.


May  Montana

It is perhaps THE bucket list destination in the United States. Big Sky country Montana
combines pristine wilderness, exotic wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes with a true and
authentic Western lifestyle.

Our preferred ranches and lodges are the pinnacle of adventure and authentic hospitality in fairy tale settings providing unforgettable Western experiences.


June  Zimbabwe


A troubled country, deeply engraved in our hearts, just recently revisited after many years. Zimbabwe is stunningly beautiful, with humble, wonderfully warm and happy people. It is blessed with world heritage nature, and spectacular wildlife.

The magic Zambezi river is the country’s lifeline, shaping its Geography, culture and history - it is also the essential resource of survival for man and nature.

During the many years of mismanagement and depletion, local and international safari operators continued to believe in Zimbabwe with its abundance of otherworldly beautiful landscapes and unique wildlife, investing in the precious ecosystems, building and operating stunning lodges, while providing life perspectives for the local communities.

Visiting this true gem of African travel destinations is not only an experience of a lifetime. It is also an investment in the future of one of the most breathtaking countries in the world and its wonderful people.


July  Japan

Not only for hosting this year’s summer Olympics has Japan made it on our list of top picks for 2020. It has much more to offer than our slightly tainted views of a very modern, fast paced and densely populated country would suggest.

Japan is full of stunning nature, incredibly diverse landscapes, and a rich cultural and culinary heritage. Japan is the land of the ‘old ways’ -  of ancient wisdom dating back thousands of years.

Our aim is to revisit these ancient paths, actively exploring them at a pace allowing us to connect deeply with nature and culture, choosing the road less traveled, and offering access to places that only few visitors get to see.


August  Colombia

Caribbean and Pacific Ocean, lush jungles, arid deserts, Andes mountain ranges, vibrant cities and much more. Colombia is the 2nd most biodiverse country on Earth and perfectly sized to explore the many facets of this up and coming destination.

The fact that Colombia is still somewhat beneath the radar of most tour companies and travelers makes a visit even more rewarding. Over the past months we have unraveled touristically uncharted places and cultural gems to discover this stunningly beautiful country in a most special way.


September  Canada


September remains our favorite month to visit the rainforests of Pacific Western Canada. With millions of salmon swimming upstream through countless inlets, fjords and rivers to their spawning grounds, the ecosystem suddenly comes alive feeding grizzly bears, coastal wolves, and bald eagles.

From remote and intimate lodges we venture into the wild by boat or floatplane to explore the precious lands and waters stewarded by proud First Nation tribes that have been living in harmony with nature for millennia. A most humbling and transformative experience.


October  Bhutan

The ancient Kingdom known as the ’Land of the Thunder Dragon’ remains one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations on Earth. With vast forested areas, mystical hills, wide valleys and vast mountain ranges, Bhutan’s landscapes remain virtually unspoiled.

Spirits and myths are an accepted part of daily life and Gross National Happiness of its people is an official measure of development by the government, that gently restricts and guides tourism to protect the country’s rich heritage, unique culture, and ancient traditions.


November  Mexico


One of our favorite Latin American destinations, Mexico is full of phenomenal natural beauty, a unique cultural heritage, and extraordinary wildlife. Its people are extremely friendly.

November is a wonderful month to visit - and in Baja California, one of our preferred spots, the ideal time to see and swim with whale sharks.  Best to experience it from our camp on a pristine and wildly beautiful Island that is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


December  Antarctica

Staging Adventures to this ecological wonderland that has bewitched explorers, scientists and voyagers alike for centuries is a personal matter at PUREWILD (with a close family member as former head of Polar research in the US and having spent time with some of the most iconic Antarctic explorers).

The 7th Continent contains more than 90% of the earth’s land ice, which transforms it into the largest fresh water reserve on earth. The iconic Antarctic fauna features whales, seals, penguins as well as a variety of sea birds. Don’t forego to meet these incredible creatures while enjoying the indelible scenery of mountainous glaciers and roaming icebergs at the end of the world.



Quite obviously there is much more beauty and adventure in this world than months to fill our assemblage of favorite journeys. One destination close at heart for us is Oman, the Pearl of the Arab world - safe, friendly, and awe inspiring. Then New Zealand and Australia also are true PUREWILD Adventure playgrounds.

And we are currently operating a base camp in Colombia to build out our portfolio of latin American destinations. Watch this space for more to come.

And start your pure, wild and adventurous 2020 here!

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