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2018-10-11 08:56
by Stefan Moosleitner
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Adventures, Experiences, Places - our 12 top picks for 2019

With 2018 slowly winding down, the time has come to reflect on memorable journeys, rewarding experiences and special times shared with friends and family throughout the year. It is also the time to dream up new adventures to embark on.

We have been busy trailblazing to fuel your 2019 agenda. Here is our month by month ‚collection extraordinaire‘ of the most inspiring places, unique experiences and spectacular journeys. Way beyond the beaten path, but within reach for you to explore.

So stop thinking bucket list: what moments would you like to live? What do you want to feel? Each of our journeys is as unique as your own DNA. What will be yours?


January  Andaman Islands

The setting is authentic, raw and beautiful, or simply - spectacular! Our January favorite is a secret hideaway on an Andaman Island. With only 7 rooms it is something between a private Villa and small Hotel, offering the best of both, informality and efficient service.

Leave behind the digital excess of modern life and log on to the stunning tropical surroundings, zero pollution, good company, great food, hassle free beaches and opulent jungle.


February  British Columbia, Canada

A Wilderness Lodge without road access, tucked away somewhere in the Cariboos. Heli Ski your own Mountain Range this February and forget about vertical feet - think vertical freedom, and live the ultimately rewarding experience of rustic, remote and private luxury.


March  Finnish Lapland

We won't say good bye to winter before venturing into the cold one last time - the real cold winter wonderland of Finnish Lapland, where we enjoy Snow Shoeing, Huskies and Reindeers. We ride our Snowmobiles across the pure white wilderness, through untouched forests and across frozen lakes to catch dancing Northern Lights, unspoilt by light or air pollution in absolute silence.
April  New Zealand

This is the ideal time for some adrenaline filled adventures exploring the unspeakable majesty and awe-inspiring beauty of New Zealand's North and South Islands.

From Mountainbiking, hiking, descending steep canyons or rafting untamed waters to taking to the skies and exploring the incredible scenery by helicopter - Kiwiland has it all inabundance.


May  East Africa

One of our favorite months for a Safari to Kenya or Tanzania. The light is golden with photo opportunities abound, that tempt even the most seasoned Maasai warrior.

What a magical eperience to track wildlife on foot in the Chyulu Hills, Hemingway's Green Hills of Africa, when nature is most abundant.


June  Mongolia


Mongolia, our pick for June, is a place of untouched beauty, defined by its rugged terrain, endless blue skies and fascintaing culture rooted in ancient traditions.

Trek and ride across vast grasslands, explore the diverse ecosystems of the Gobi Desert, or watch Kazakh hunters let their Golden Eagles soar in the Altai Mountains. A magic experience and, together with BHUTAN, one of our most favored Asian regions to journey.


July  Norway

Nowhere else in Europe can we find such impressive mountains rise straight up from beautiful narrow fjords. Explore the deep, cold waters by kayak or RIB, take in the otherworldly scenery by Mountainbike, or hike your way up to one of the impressive peaks and free ski all the way back down to Sea level. The ways to get active are seemingly endless.

And after a long day outdoors, spoil yourself with the rustic luxury of a 'Scandinavian chic' boutique hotel. Enjoy fresh local foods and wake up to the most stunning views - before you go again...


August  High Arctic

While it is one of the most exotic and awe-inspiring environments on Earth, the Arctic is also one of the fastest changing and most fragile.

From the world's most northernly fly-in lodge, get up close to belugas, polar bear, narwhal or muscox, and venture out hiking, kayaking or paddle boarding to take in the spectacular scenery from up close.

Wildlife and adventure pure at 74° North!


September  Pacific Western Canada


It goes without saying - the rainforests of Pacific Western Canada are among our favorite ecosystems. This is where it all started for PUREWILD. Witness nature come alive in September as giant schools of salmon swim upstream to their spawning grounds, feeding everything - bears, wolves, eagles and even the soil - showcasing what an amazing place our planet can be...


October  Patagonia

This is an untamed part of the world. Endless Pampa, towering mountains, majestic glaciers - and winds that sweep you off your feet. Nowhere else will you feel so remote and the forces of nature so direct. Patagonia literally feels like the end of the world and in a way it is. A most captivating sensation and magic experience you should not miss this October.


November  Costa Rica


A perfectly sized country known for its unspeakable tropical opulence. We suggest to experience Costa Rica the adventurous way: raft in to (and out) one of our stunning, intimate lodges. Hike deep into the jungle for an encounter with indigenous tribesmen. And take a private plane to the remote South where old growth forests display their fascinating and unmatched biological density.


December  Raja Ampat Private Cruise

A collection of 1500 pristine Islands off the Indonesian coast of West Papua is our chosen location to end the year in style. On board a private yacht with 5 luxurious cabins and room for up to 10 guests, we explore the abundant marine life and uninhabited beaches of Raja Ampat completely at our leisure.

Equipped with all the right toys from diving equipment to wake boards, and staffed with a crew of 15, the stage is set for a journey like a dream.


Encore  Australia

There is much more beauty and adventure out there than months to fill this assemblage of favorite journeys - obviously. And making choices is sometimes tough. Here is one more place, rooted deeply in our hearts. It's natural beauty is so abundant and landscapes so diverse, it could have easily filled this list by itself: Australia!

Start your pure, wild and adventurous 2019 here!

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