Getting Away from it all?
2019-06-13 14:56
by Stefan Moosleitner
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Getting Away from it all?

Dispatches from an Italian Hermitage

I recently escaped for a few days to a Hermitage somewhere in Umbria, Italy, roughly between Florence and Rome. The place is called Eremito.

I was just curious at first, knowing how increasingly important digital detox, immersing in nature, and sometimes finding time to deal with transitions or issues in our lives that are more profound, are becoming nowadays.

Eremito proved the ideal place for all of the above. The owner, Marcello, managed to create something simple and pure that he calls the luxury of the 3rd millennium:

Start the morning with Yoga and readings by the monks. Go for a hike in 3,000 ha of a UNESCO nature reserve. Then meditate before enjoying simple vegetarian food (and wine;) in silence along with Gregorian cantations. Finally retire to your 'cell' featuring a bed, shower, sink and a corner by the small window to write and reflect.

The perfect agenda to get to one with yourself, meet other inspiring guests, and share your individual journeys.

It is clear that there is real benefit in such time outs every now and then and we will see more places like Eremito emerge in the future. While I am not in the business of selling retreats, it naturally got me thinking about PUREWILD and our approach.

In essence, and from the beginning on, PUREWILD Adventures incorporate that same spirit - from immersing in spectacular nature and local culture to authentic local food and wine. Getting to one with yourself and everything around you. And of course staying in the most spectacular and intimate lodges. They are the base for making all of the above possible, embracing this idea of what true luxury really means in today's world.

Our adventures are so much more than just leaving home. They are transformative and ultimately rewarding.
So let us help you experience that magic and start your journey now.


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