Arctic and Antarctic

Polar Regions

Arctic and Antarctic

Life beyond the polar circles is extremely harsh. To experience these most remote and untamed places on earth remains a rare privilege - and an adventure you will never forget.

Arrive by private plane and explore the beauty and wonders of these increasingly fragile environments while enjoying the comfort of your remote home in the wild.

Sea Kayak among Beluga Whales, MTB across the Tundra where thousands of Cariboo roam, get up close with Polar Bears, raft icy rivers or hike across majestic glaciers -  the potential for adventure in the polar regions seems limitless.

Make them yours to explore.


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PUREWILD inspires people to connect with our last wilderness regions in a special way: getting active on challenging adventures, immersing in pristine nature and enjoying the authentic comfort of spectacular lodges.

PUREWILD - adventures that will leave you changed.




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