At the end of the road adventure begins

Join us on an exclusive wilderness adventure like no other. Explore your limits on uniquely designed excursions into the wild. Our awe-inspiring itineraries combine challenging activities, authentic cultural interaction and highest standards of transport, service and accommodation.

You’ve got that spark in your soul yearning for adventure? We provide the high-end gear, local expert guides and endless possibilities - for PUREWILD Adventures!

Free Men's World

Exklusive Adventures auf Routen der Locals

Geführt von Top Guides mit FREE MEN'S WORLD und PUREWILD Adventures in den Oman, nach Lappland, Schottland und Kanada.

New Zealand

The Kiwi Adventure

Exploring New Zealand’s dreamlike landscapes by land, water and air

A spectacular, private adventure of supernatural beauty, adrenaline and ultimate comforts.


Fire and Ice

A nordic adventure to the Island of Geysers and Glaciers

This excursion across dreamlike landscapes is an encounter with unspeakable majesty. We will chase Northern Lights unspoiled by light or air pollution, get beneath the surface…


True Arabian Adventure

The rugged beauty of one of Earth's harshest environments

Our private itinerary combining coastline, desert and rugged mountains provides infinite potential to get active - truly spectacular!

South Africa

Where two Oceans meet

Exploring South Africa's stunning Cape Region

An African Adventure from Cape Town across UNSECO protected landscapes to a private Big 5 Game Reserve.

Canadian Arctic

North of Magical

wilderness, wildlife and aurora borealis

Witness the Caribou migration followed by nordic predators, camp under dancing Northern Lights, and challenge yourself on a fun adventure race in complete remoteness.


From Sea to Skye

A Celtic Adventure in the Scottish Highlands

Exploring spectacular Lochs, mountain ranges and true Scottish culture in one of Europe's last wilderness regions.

Fuel for your 2019 Adventure

With 2018 slowly winding down, the time has come to reflect on memorable journeys, rewarding experiences and special times shared with friends and family throughout the year. It is also the time to dream up new adventures to embark on.

We have been busy trailblazing to fuel your 2019 agenda. Here is our month by month ‚collection extraordinaire‘ of the most inspiring places, unique experiences and spectacular journeys. Way beyond the beaten path, but within reach for you to explore.

So stop thinking bucket list: what moments would you like to live? What do you want to feel? Each of our journeys is as unique as your own DNA. Step outside and make it happen!

Beautifully wild British Columbia


Pacific Western Canada is wild and otherworldly beautiful. Where Pacific Ocean and temperate rainforest intertwine lies an ecosystem teeming with wildlife, home to black…

Land of Geological extremes


Venture across dreamlike volcanic scenery. Chase Northern Lights unspoiled by light or air pollution. Get beneath the surface of centuries-old glaciers, or get up in the air and explore the island’s extraterrestrial topography on board a private helicopter.

Kenya and Tanzania

Eastern Africa

Home to amazing wildlife, spectacular landscapes, Earth’s highest free standing mountains and the proud culture of its indigenous tribes, Kenya and Tanzania are the perfect canvas to sketch out once in a lifetime adventures deep into the heart of this awe-inspiring part of the world.

An Arabian Dream


Morocco is a country blessed with a rich, ancient culture and spectacular scenery. Like a movie with four different settings we invite you to experience the diversity of its landscapes and traditions.

Pearl of the Arabian World


It is rare to find places of such immense natural beauty, rich in culture, history and adventure. A country that is extremely friendly, stable, peaceful, safe and with only little touristic infrastructure. In that sense Oman is still somewhat a hidden gem.

Where the last roads end


Patagonia is a land of towering mountains, majestic glaciers, and sheer endless plains of the Pampa steppe. It is vast, rugged and breathtakingly beautiful.

Arctic and Antarctica

Polar Regions

Life beyond the polar circles is extremely harsh. To experience these most remote and untamed places on earth remains a rare privilege - and an adventure you will never forget.

Magic Highland Beauty


Get lost in the vastness of majestic mountain ranges, venture across mysterious Lochs, and enjoy jaw-dropping views as you journey through one of Europe’s last wilderness regions.

Where Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet

South Africa

There is something about South Africa that holds you and won’t let go: dramatically beautiful landscapes from semi deserts to awe-inspiring mountain ranges and breathtaking coast lines, where Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet.

Breathtaking Playground for Endless Adventure

New Zealand

With an abundance of otherworldly beautiful landscapes from jagged mountains and active volcanoes to steep fjords, raging rivers and pristine beaches, there is no better place to get active and explore. From scenic Heli excursions to adrenaline filled adventures - New Zealand has it all.

"It’s not often you get to check more than one thing off your bucket list in one trip. It’s even more rare to check off things you didn’t even know were on there". While it’s appropriate to call this a once in a lifetime experience, we’re hoping that it’s not.' Katie Rose and Josh

Why Active?

We always strive to get you closer and in direct contact with nature. Setting out on foot, bike or kayak you will see...

Why travel with us?

At the core of PUREWILD are private itineraries, exclusively crafted together with local expert friends. Each activity...


PUREWILD redefines small group travel with challenging adventures for active, authentic and exclusive...


At PUREWILD you will always be in company of local friends - guides, chefs, photographers or pilots - who love...


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